The NuPrime Audio IDA-16 Digital Integrated Amp: A First In North America!

December 29, 2014

Sonic Unity would like to welcome Barb Deetz and Mike Rowe and thank them for purchasing one of our NuPrime IDA-16 Digital Integrated Amplifiers. They are in the unique position of owning the very first one in North America.

Barb and Mike are both musicians - Barb plays a beautiful Marcus Miller Fender bass and Mike is a drummer. They enjoy playing jazz with a group of talented musicians. It goes without saying that they are both avid music lovers.

This talented and discriminating couple is now enjoying the convenience of an Apple MacBook Pro based music server using Amarra Symphony iRC and iTunes. By using in-room correction software combined with the powerful NuPrime IDA-16 class D digital integrated amplifier, Barb and Mike are now hearing music the way it was meant to be heard. They have effectively removed the room they listen in as a variable from their overall sonic experience.

I also had the pleasure of setting up their iPad Air with the Remote app to allow them to select the music from their iTunes library from anywhere in the house. They now have access to hundreds of thousands of recorded tracks at the push of a button. The entire music collection is stored on a nicely designed LaCie hard drive designed by Philippe Starck.

The new audio system is simpler and it sounds significantly better - not just different but better in every way. It's far more relaxed and transparent allowing every detail and every note to emerge from an impossibly low noise floor. Without frequency issues caused by the room itself, Mike’s speakers can produce the best music they are capable of. Bass response is now quite impressive and the speaker allows for a huge soundstage where imaging is precise. The timbre is perfect and instruments sound exactly as they should.

Barb and Mike are thankful that they have their living room back, which is where they prefer to have their music playing. It's the centre of the home and music is a very important part of their lives. The NuPrime IDA-16 has a sleek, modern industrial design of understated elegance. It doesn't draw attention to itself but simply gets down to the job of playing beautiful music.

Mike, who has been an audiophile for several years and has enjoyed several systems, said that, "This is the clearest, most transparent sound I have ever experienced in my home and it takes a while to understand what the Amarra [Symphony with iRC] software and the NuPrime IDA-16 really does. When the recording is good you hear every detail, every note and every sound right down to musicians breathing, the plucking of strings and the ambience of the recording venue itself. The sound is as smooth as tube amplification but with power, control and authority. And it emerges from the darkest background imaginable. I've never had this much bass extension with my speakers and the high frequency information is relaxed and easy to listen to for hours on end. As musicians, both Barb and I are totally pleased with the natural and realistic sound we are now enjoying daily. Everything just sounds the way it should."

Thank you Barb and Mike; we hope you really enjoy your newest musical ‘instrument.’

For more information: NuPrime IDA-16

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