The ENCORE RockMaster Headphone

July 31, 2015

The ENCORE RockMaster is now for sale on-line at Indiegogo. Visit early for the best pricing!


ENCORE RockMaster Headphone Reviews


"I am able to use the Encore IE for extended hours and not feel any discomfort due to impact, so to have a smooth and linear sounding IEM for this price is pretty damned great.  Once again and for this price, you cannot complain.  Price to performance is stellar..."

" I’ve said three times past in this review…for this price I have no complaints on an objective level, due to the fact that I’ve not heard a $59 or below headphone that sounds this nice."

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"I've had the opportunity to evaluate the Encore RockMaster OE before release. For the early crowdfunding price of $30, these are a stupid good value.", - Armaegis,

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"Another Insane Value - When I got this headphone, I assumed it was a $200+ headphone. Nope...flippin' $60. Very tight, powerful and clean bass, great soundstage, fabric cable, nice Oppo/Sony style simplistic headband with a proper angle.", 24bits,

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