10% off Amarra For TIDAL at Sonic Unity

September 05, 2015

You can purchase Amarra for TIDAL as well as all Amarra products and upgrades at the Sonic Unity Amarra store and receive a 10% discount.

Amarra for TIDAL brings the award winning Amarra sound to your TIDAL music experience!

  • You will hear a wider soundstage, experience better dynamics, and feel the silence of a quieter background

  • Use our Sonic EQ presets to personalize the sound to your taste

  • Create playlists to share with your TIDAL mobile app

  • Upcoming support for Amarra Remote iOS mobile application

  • A complete TIDAL music experience

Customizable EQ

Take control of the sound from your TIDAL lossless stream

  • Fully cusomizable, professional-level EQ

  • Presets for different genres and speakers or headphones

  • Optimize the sound of your favorite songs

  • Save and recall unlimited personalized presets

iRC Impulse Response Correction (Requires separate iRC license)

iRC addresses issues found in all listening environments: irregular rooms, windows, speaker and furniture placement contribute to a reduced soundstage, balance problems, and often a build-up of bass frequencies.

iRC Impulse Response Correction, powered by Dirac, brings these under control resulting in a more focused soundstage with improved phase coherence.

Available now!

  • Use your iRC license with Amarra for TIDAL, Symphony, and Amarra sQ+

  • Supports single filter file for multiple sample rates up to 384kHz

  • Easy, simple process capturing all measurements

  • Each license activates two machines


Reviews for Amarra for TIDAL

Computer Audiophile

Amarra For Tidal: ... Highly recommended.

Digital Audio Review

Amarra For Tidal: a better streaming sound for OS X, Windows

MGR Audio

A Quick Word on Amarra for Tidal

To purchase all versions of the acclaimed Sonic Studio Amarra software and to receive 10% OFF, please visit the Sonic Unity Amarra Store.

To purchase all upgrades of Sonic Studio Amarra and to receive 10% OFF, please visit the Sonic Unity Amarra Upgrade Store.


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