The Celsus Sound SP-1 Active Speaker Review on Headfonics

December 06, 2016

We would like to thank reviewer Marcus over on Headfonics for the very first review of the Celsus Sound SP-1 Active Speaker System. We have been working for several months on the final version and we are quite pleased with the performance of both the active and the passive versions. 

We have created a package system combining the SP-1 passive with the NuPrime IDA-8 digital integrated amplifier and for a limited time, you can save 10% on the bundle.

In addition, anyone purchasing either the active or the passive version is invited to leave a review on Sonic Unity.

For more information on the Celsus Sound SP-1 please click here

"Overall I am quite impressed with the SP One performance and value-add features as a desktop active set of speakers. The tonal quality is smooth, inviting and very balanced with those carbon fiber 3.5″ woofers punching way above what I expected for their size. They are not bass monsters and have a solid eye for detail and a slightly elevated midrange and vocal performance which is a plus for anyone wanting a near-field configuration. They do go loud enough also to fill a mid-sized room but watch for unintended reflections, i.e. do not corner them as the resulting bass boost is not ideal.

The build quality is excellent, the weight is just right, and their low profile dimensions make them fairly unobtrusive guests on any standard computer table of reasonable size. With the new silicone feet coming out they should also balance better than the initial rubber stick on feet. Value adds such as using BT (wireless) does free them from the desk should you wish to space them further apart than the standard supplied speaker cable will allow but be aware that aptX is the only advisable connection I would recommend to get anywhere near the clarity and dynamics wired can offer."

MARCUSD, Editor-in-Chief/

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