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D-Stream WAMP-200SB Hi-Res (24-BIT/192KHZ) WiFi and Bluetooth Audio Amplifier (B-stock)

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Bring new life to your HiFi passive speakers through the multiple connectivity and elevated performance of the WAMP

Powered by Qualcomm® AllPlayTM multi-room audio technology, the D-Stream WAMP-200 delivers a high performance open ecosystem for whole-home audio music streaming. The product is designed to be easily configured to play synchronized music across multiple rooms (Party Mode), or different music in multiple speaker zones.

Play music from popular cloud-based streaming music services including Hi-Res 24-bit/192kHz content, local music libraries on mobile phones, or DLNA media servers.
The on-board Dual Band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Wireless support Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless networking standards allows easy integration into the home network and excellent Wi-Fi coverage (MIMO 2T-2R). A Direct Mode (AP Mode) offers users a choice to stream music for their mobile devices to the WAMP without an existing Wi-Fi network. Users can also stream music via Bluetooth to a WAMP-200SB and for re-streaming to other D-Stream devices (WAMP-200SB, Primo-HD receiver, Arpeggio speaker)

The D-Stream WAMP-200SB delivers 2 x 60W audio output using Texas Instruments Closed-Loop Class D Amplifier. Though small in stature, the WAMP is able to drive most mid to high efficiency speakers to loud volumes while producing a clean and dynamic sound. The generally pleasing sound signature will not offend with low bitrate compressed audio, yet is fully capable of delivering the greater fidelity of lossless or Hi-Res audio. This effortless and easy going sound also makes speaker matching a less demanding exercise. Additionally the WAMP200 uses a Burr Brown DAC which provides a more detailed sound for greater musical enjoyment.

The highly efficient Class D design of the WAMP barely produces any heat, which allows the WAMP to be placed in enclosed rack or shelving if desired. When used for commercial applications, the WAMP can switched into auto-boot mode, which the unit will power-on upon DC supply input. For having the most stable network connection, the WAMP comes with a RJ45 Ethernet port for wired network connection.

It also enable the user to access the unique features of the product, such as the 5 band hardware equalizer and re-streaming music to other D-Stream Wireless Audio devices from the WAMP audio inputs (Bluetooth, Analog Line-in, and Optical Inputs where available).

The WAMP can also be controlled via a backlit touch sensitive panel in front of the unit, allowing users to select the operational mode (or audio input), play/ pause the current playlist and changing the volume. The same controls are availa- ble on an Infra-red (IR) remote (some devices in the WAMP family do not provide IR remote control). This is especially useful in commercial applications if the playlist has already been programmed or automated and users just require a convenient way of lowering/raising the volume or interrupting the music playback.

Wi-Fi streamer + Ultra HD Hi-Fi amplifier (2 x 60W RMS)
Sensitive keyboard with Back-light
IR remote
Signal Processing
DSP 96 KHz 32 bits
5-band equalizer
Optical IN 8~192 KHz 16-24 bits
Aux-In (Jack 3.5 mm)
Re-streaming over Wi-Fi on All inputs
WiFi Dual-band 2.4 & 5 GHz
RJ45 LAN connector
High Resolution up to 192KHz – 24 bit
Up to 10 zones
Party mode
Unique Hardware EQ
Unlike software EQ settings from the player App, hardware EQ offers sound tuning without the loss of dynamics and details.
D-Stream EQ frequencies are set the most accurate presentation of sound characteristics with the following benefits:
  • 100Hz Bass: Lower registers of rhythm instruments such as drums and bass guitars, boosting gives a stronger rhythm, decrease to reduce ‘boominess’.
  • 350Hz Upper Bass: Low order harmonics of most instruments, boosting gives more weight to instruments, reducing gives a lighter sound.
  • 1kHz Midrange: Affecting vocal and various horn and string instruments, boosting gives prominence, reducing gives opposite effect.
  • 5kHz Presence: Perceived clarity or definition of sound, boosting makes music more alive, reducing gives a more laid back sound.
  • 11Khz Brilliance: High order harmonics which gives sound the sparkle and air, boosting gives a more open sound, decrease to reduce 'edginess'.

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