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ENCORE Audio RockMaster Live Headphone

Affordable Audiophile Sound

Sonic Unity presents the Encore RockMaster Live headphone, the fifth in a series of new audio components. At Sonic Unity, we are passionate about music and want you to experience the very best sound quality at prices you can easily afford. Compared to headphones costing several times as much, the RockMaster Live is an affordable, audiophile grade, full-range, portable headphone with detachable audio cable. Perfect for your smartphone or high-resolution audio player.

The soft padded headband and deep ear cushions improve wearing comfort, while a detachable audio cable allows for individual cable selection. The RockMaster Live offers balanced sound with excellent detail, impressive deep bass, great midrange, and accurate high frequencies. It comes with a high-quality, braided audiophile cable and you can add an optional smartphone cable with microphone if needed. The included textile carrying case protects your portable headphones which fold into a compact package for easy carrying. A set of velvet ear pads are included as an alternative to the standard leatherette ear pads.


The RockMaster Live is designed with a focus on comfort and sound quality.


Our First review has been published on HEADFONICS and here are a few excerpts:

"For a $35 headphone, I am positively shocked by the quality offered here.  Not even a hint of serious mud or thickness.  In fact, it is very pure feeling…"

"The low’s on this headphone extend very well and you will be hard pressed to find any other $35 or so headphone that can handle that bass without sounding  awful.  Encore has said that some special inner cup dampening and Jason’s hand picked tuning seems to confirm what I was told about this headphone originally before receiving it.  This is a great sign for the market."

"Encore’s RockMaster Live is probably one of the best very cheap headphones on the market..."

"This is a great deal and I feel more than confident enough in saying nobody will contest that statement.  For $35, this is a bargain and a half."

Our first crowdfunding project, the Encore RockMaster over-ear and in-ear headphones, sold several thousand sets worldwide and is now sold out. As reviewer posed on reddit after hearing the original RockMaster headphones, 'this will be the headphone value product of the summer.' Order the RockMaster Live today to ensure you don't miss out on this excellent sounding, portable headphone.


Dynamic Driver Size: 38 mm

Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz

Impedance: 32 Ohms at 1 KHz

Sensivity:  98dB ± 3dB at 1mW

Maximum input power: 100mW

Weight: 125g (without detachable audio cable)

Product Reviews

From Our Previous Indiegog Campaigns

"...Unlike other USB DAC sticks though the Encore mDSD decodes at fantastically high rates including 32-bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD 256 decoding which puts it out there almost in a league of its own in terms of future proofing and reproduction capability compared to the other mere mortal sticks in the market... "

"...Power and control is also equally impressive. Noise is absent on highly sensitive IEMs and there is enough power for most mid-tier and modern planars to sound excellent and in the case of planars pretty good for the price. The Ether C hates thin signatures and this isn’t one of them..."

“…Upon first listen, I’d boosted up a bass heavy track…The bass and stage formation feel very much like how I recall the Vmoda M100 to sound”.  Fast forward a few weeks and after I snagged a brief listen to a loaner M100…and what do you know? It really does sound very similar in those two areas, but only in those two areas of listening.  I can safely say for this price, nothing I am aware exists that offers bass quality on par with the Rockmaster OE for $59, I’ve also not heard a sub $100 headphone outside of the JVC HARX700 that sounds this large and vast in stereo imaging…certainly, this headphone is “the headphone” to get if you are on a small budget and enjoy bass and a nice, aired out sense of appeal.  The low end is very tight and fast, considering the price this is an excellent deal and you can close up shop and go home right now, no need to read on…”, 

"One of my very first big reviews on this site was a big comparison of DJ style headphones all in the ~$150-200 range, so I like to think I have a pretty good grasp on that market segment. I put on the Rockmaster for the first time and I immediately thought “ yup, fits right in with those guys... what, this is at a fifth of the price?" - "Armaegis", Headphoneus Supremus,

"Cohesive. That is the one word that I would use to describe the RockMaster IE. It is far far more than the sum of its parts. Each section on its own I could maybe find things to nag on, but taken as a whole all of that just disappears. The sound just comes at me and fills the space in my head without me finding things to fault. It's a rare occurrence for me with iems... maybe a first. Nothing feels glaring, nothing feels indistinct. Just simple sound and I'm not distracted by any others foibles." - "Armaegis", Headphoneus Supremus,

Encore’s OE headphone came in with a sound that was bassy, and if you’re one that loves that sound signature, $60 dollars isn’t much to pay for it. The over-ear model looks and feels great while comfort is of no issue. It isn’t the most perfect headphone out there, but it still holds a good value.  Overall Score ★★★★½,

I have to say that Encore did a great job with the tuning of the IE in-ear monitors. Though driver flex does plague these IEMs, pretty much everything else is great with the IE. They offer a nice design with exceptional sound for their price. Overall Score ★★★★½,

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