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NuPrime MCX Amplifiers

Unlock A Whole New Level of Audio Realism

NuPrime X MCX series of amplifiers reproduce sound with the utmost realism for todays

advanced home theatre and live concert reproduction.  Whether you're playing a movie, live concert, listening to music or 4K video games, the MCX amplifier with it's lightning fast dynamics and ultra low distortion brings you to a new level of audio realism.

Taking the best design ideas and components from NuPrime's award winning audio products, the MCX has been developed for the multi-channel market. We understand that it is not only power that enthrals the listener, but also the accuracy of reproduction to create a realistic experience.

The MCX utilizes NuPrime’s Class A+D hybrid amplification technologies deliver the substance and warmth of Class A amplification and the efficiency and speed of Class D technology in a milieu of un-measurable noise. A 1000W power supply and 33,000 uF CMA capacitor array allows the MCX to fully exploit the Class A+D design’s ability to deliver massive amounts of power and speed when needed by a single or multi channels.


Gain (factor): x21
Sensitivity (to rated power): 1.6V rms
Input Impedance:  50k Ohms
THD:  0.01%
Frequency Response:  10Hz~52KHz(-3dB)
MCX-1 Power Output (RMS rated): 1 x 750W@8 Ohms
MCX-2 Power Output (RMS rated): 2 x 550W@8 Ohms
MCX-3 Power Output (RMS rated) 2 x 180W@8 Ohms for 2 channel; 1 x 550W@8 Ohms for 1 channel;
MCX-3 Power Output (Peak)
2 x 300W@8 Ohms; 1 x 550W@8 Ohms
MCX-4 Power Output (RMS rated): 4 x 180W@8 Ohms/channel; 280W@4 Ohms/channel
MCX-4 Power Output (Peak):
4 x 300W@8 Ohms/channel; 400W@4 Ohms/channel
Dimension: 347mm x 430mm x 74mm
Weight: 6.5Kg
Color: Black

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