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D-Stream Arpeggio Hi-Res (24-bit/192kHz) WiFi and Bluetooth Speaker

The Arpeggio High-Resolution Smart Speaker

The Arpeggio is a High-Res (24-bit/192kHz), Smart Wi-Fi connected speaker that is easy to use and affordable for all.


High Performance and High Fidelity

Three high-performance transducers controlled by 3 amplification channels with DSP allow Arpeggio to deliver a rich and clear sound. The bass enhancement function and the presence of an adjustable 6-band equalizer accentuate the exceptional sound. The sound quality of Arpeggio will outperform high-end speakers costing more than twice its price. The unique EQ settings (see below) allow users to optimise the sound in different usages.

Wi-Fi Music Streaming

Wi-Fi dual-band technology coupled with two internal antennas provides a wide coverage area, and allows high quality audio playback (High Resolution 192KHz 24 bit) + the streaming of your online music services. The additional Bluetooth connection and an auxiliary input with restreaming on other speakers makes the Arpeggio a truly universal smart speaker.


 Sound: Hi-Fi stereo 2.1

Touch sensitive keyboard, IR remote, Wall mounting by 3/8“ nut

Signal Processing:

DSP, Bass enhancement, 6-band equaliser

Amplification: 40W RMS

WiFi, Bluetooth, Aux-In (3.5mm), RJ45


Mutiroom up to 10 zones plus Party Mode


WiFi Dual-band 2.4 & 5 GHz, WPS, RJ45 LAN connector

Format: MP3, FLAC, MP4A , WAV, OGG, High Resolution up to 192KHz – 24 bit
Dimensions: 380 (W) x 160 (D) x 200 (H) mm

EQ Settings

  • Flat – Reference setting which works best on stand/support away from wall and as a stereo pair (standard stereo bookshelf speaker placement). Listening distance around 2m from the speakers.
  • Stand – Intended for a single speaker setup with placement and listening distance similar to above. The EQ adjustments is to make the sound seems wider and more powerful so as to get closer to the sound of a stereo pair.
  • Shelf – Also for desktop placement, this is when the speaker has to be placed close to the wall and the listening position is around 1m from the speakers. The EQ adjustments pushes vocal behind the instruments to compensate for the close listening position and also partly deals with the surface reflection from the table/shelf top. Works better at lower volumes.
  • Wall – Speaker is mounted on the wall and having a distance from the corners. Listening distance of 3m or more from the speakers, which may be suitable for home multi-room installations. The EQ adjustments attempts to compensate for the speaker placement as well as the listening distance.
  • Corner – Speaker is mounted in a corner, with an expected listening distance of 3m or more from the speakers and mainly off-axis. This may be suitable for commercial installations like in shops or restaurants. The EQ adjustments emphasize mid and treble frequencies to balance the corner boom of the bass frequencies and attempts to improve off-axis clarity.

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