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Audiophile Reviews - ENCORE

Audiophile Reviews - Encore

Sonic Unity collects reviews from all over the world, in print, on-line and in forums to allow you to make an informed decision. Whether you are interested in NuPrime, NuForce Reference, Celsus Sound or ENCORE audio products, we have the reviews from trusted sources around the globe.

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ENCORE mDSD Reviews 


"En conclusion, avec le mDSD, Encore frappe plus fort encore qu'avec son premier modèle mDAC et propose un petit DAC proprement bluffant qui pourra booster un simple smartphone équipé d'un bon lecteur logiciel au niveau d'un baladeur audio numérique de haut de gamme, si ce n'est faire mieux. Un Qobuzissime plus que mérité."

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ENCORE RockMaster Reviews


"I've had the opportunity to evaluate the Encore RockMaster OE before release. For the early crowdfunding price of $30, these are a stupid good value.", - Armaegis,

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"Another Insane Value - When I got this headphone, I assumed it was a $200+ headphone. Nope...flippin' $60. Very tight, powerful and clean bass, great soundstage, fabric cable, nice Oppo/Sony style simplistic headband with a proper angle.", 24bits,

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"There is an openness to the midrange overall, it’s actually quite nice with the depth of the soundstage. This helps quite a bit with imaging. The mids are recessed just slightly, but not overly so. There is good detailing overall throughout the instrumentals. Vocals tend towards the lusher side of things, but also have a good amount of energy and power to help the upper side of things.", -

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The Gadgeteer

"The audio remained warm and friendly with a even balance no matter what song was playing. This makes the Rockmaster a good all-round headphone as opposed to excellent headphones made for only certain kinds of music (yes, they do exist).", - Bill Henderson

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"Coming in at a crowdfunding price of $30, I feel the RockMaster IE are a terrific bargain. They're well made and have an easy going sound signature that should appeal to just about everyone.", - Armaegis,

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