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Audiophile Reviews - NuForce Reference

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NuForce P-20 Review


"...As much as the previous preamp range-topper of P-9 was an outstanding performer, the P-20 ups the ante with a more refined more transparent presentation. You hear deeper into a recording which allows a more intimate and direct connection with the music and musicians. There’s a more thorough and complete demonstration of macro and micro detail. And this transparency tied in with the P-20’s absolutely balanced delivery of the complete audible spectrum brought the old ‘straight wire with gain‘ term to the forefront. This preamp just steps out of the way with complete neutrality and musicality... ...The P-20 is a triumph of neutrality and transparency while bestowing on you all that the music contains. Its luxurious yet elegantly understated styling hides technologies and a circuit design that are totally translucent to the music whether it be in pits, grooves or bits..." -

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NuForce Reference 18 and Reference 20 Reviews


"…from the moment I powered-up the Reference 18s they immediately produced a more detailed, threedimensional, and dynamically expressive sound than any of the NuForce amps I’ve reviewed in the past…left behind the world of incremental improvements and instead offered a substantial sonic leap forward. ..Dynamic contrasts are one of the things the Reference 18 does best, so that at times the amp creates the illusion that it has, in a subtle and entirely appropriate way, unlocked and expanded the dynamic range of familiar records…I couldn’t help but notice how much sheer sonic information the amplifier was conveying…becomes noticeably more liquid, easygoing, and relaxed. As a direct consequence, musical details are allowed simply to happen, unfolding effortlessly and naturally without the amplifier imparting any excess edge... 

...The Reference 18 does an increasingly good job of capturing the sense of air surrounding instruments or reverberating within the confines of recording spaces… The fascinating result is that both lateral and front-to-back imaging become at once more focused and specific, yet also exhibits a more natural and organic sound…it is hands down the finest amplifier NuForce has made, and I think it is good enough that it deserves to be included in most any discussion of top-tier amplifiers. Even if you have heard (and perhaps disliked) Class D amplifiers in the past, this is one I think you will find worthy of your time and consideration…keeps faith with the truth of the recording itself, which is all anyone might ask of a fine power amplifier…" - Chris Martens,

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SoundStage & HiFi Magazine

" day well into the review period, while working out, I was playing Donald Fagen’s Morph the Cat (CD, Reprise 49975). Out of the corner of my ear, I heard what I’d been missing. I sat down in my listening seat and there it was: the dimensions of both individual instruments and the recording venue were revealed. This screwed up my workout, but I sat there and listened to almost the entire CD -- the Reference 18s were unraveling and presenting this recording in a new way...", - Tim Shea, SoundStage! HiFi magazine

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Sonic Unity Contributor Review

"After my room was built I eventually tried the NuForce* Reference 20 mono blocks. It is without doubt the most musical, detailed and impactful amplifier I have ever listened to. Its performance is absolutely statement level. Its control over the Tannoy woofer is astounding and I’ve yet to hear a better combination of speaker and amplifier. I’ve listened to countless amps these last 20 years and this one is simply the crème de la crème of amplifiers. But this shouldn’t have surprised me. A growing number of audio hobbyists and magazine reviewers had declared that its predecessor, the NuForce Reference 18, was a statement product and you should have a listen if you were interested in a true reference amplifier." - Bill Krause, Sonic Unity contributor

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