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Audiophile Reviews - NuPrime


NuPrime Audio - Audiophile Reviews

Sonic Unity collects reviews from all over the world, in print, on-line and in forums to allow you to make an informed decision. Whether you are interested in NuPrime, NuForce Reference, Celsus Sound or ENCORE audio products, we have the reviews from trusted sources around the globe.

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NuPrime IDA-16 Reviews

The Absolute Sound

"...when you consider the NuPrime IDA-16 has an advanced DAC built in, which will play virtually any digital recording available today, it’ s an even better value. Of course, if it didn’ t sound good, it wouldn’ t be a good value, no matter how low the price was, but it sounds excellent...The NuPrime IDA-16 DAC/amplifier along with the KEF LS50 speakers made a system that, if you’ll pardon a tired reviewer cliché, punched far above its weight. So to return to the question left open in the first paragraph: Yes, the NuPrime IDA-16 DAC/amplifier can indeed be called a bargain. Highly recommended...", - Vade Forrester, editor

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SoundStage! Access 

"...This quietness was a particular advantage when I listened at low volume levels, something I usually find uninvolving. Not through the IDA-16 -- my music was just as captivating as at high volumes. Against the NuPrime’ s jet-black backgrounds, all of the dynamics of my recordings were present at all volume levels, making the IDA-16 one of the few amps I have enjoyed for late-night listening... IDA-16 is an exemplary integrated amp-DAC with rock-solid imaging, transparent sound, and tight control of bass...", - Vince Hanada, editor

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Sonic Unity Contributor Review

"Well there you have it. A little story about how the NuPrime Audio IDA-16 became a part of our living room where it plays great music, non-stop, every day for our enjoyment. It offers fantastic sound and the new digital technology is far superior to the sound of the old equipment. It also let's me get right into the music and simply enjoy it. No more hassle with old things that don't sound good anymore and take up precious time doing things like testing tubes. It has changed the way I think and approach audio forever. There is no going back." - Mike Rowe, Sonic Unity contributor

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NuPrime IDA-8 Review

 SoundStage Experience

"When I’d hooked up the Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 45 speakers to the IDA-8 and begun playing music, I realized that the NuPrime was unlike any other entry-level amplifier I’d ever had in my system. Everything immediately sounded more precise and controlled…

… the little IDA-8 sounded so refined and powerful that I soon decided that, to get a true measure of its sound, I needed to move it into my reference system. In that system I had a variety of high-end but still high-value speakers to use with the NuPrime IDA-8: the KEF R900, Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L, and GoldenEar Technology Triton Five. Even with those floorstanders, the IDA-8 was able to tightly control the low frequencies in Lorde’s bass-laden Pure Heroine (24/48 FLAC, Lava Music/Republic). The IDA-8’s midrange was also something special: exceedingly clean but very full, reproducing voices with clarity and presence while also providing their full weight and body. With the IDA-8, I felt I was hearing everything in Susan Wong’s 511 (24/96 FLAC, Evosound) -- not something that I think I have ever said before about an integrated amp costing under $1000...The NuPrime’s sublime midrange allowed voices to float effortlessly in mid-air…

…It sounds fantastic, has plenty of power to drive any reasonably efficient loudspeaker to room-filling levels, it’s compact, and, best of all, it costs less than $1000…the NuPrime IDA-8 was so good that it seemed almost a shame to extract it from my reference rig and reinstall it in my second system, where it will remain as my new budget reference amplifier. It’s one of the best deals available in audio today…", - Roger Kanno,

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NuPrime DAC-10H & ST-10 Reviews

The Absolute Sound

"...over the years I’ve reviewed and used plenty of digital power amplifiers from Bel Canto, Wyred4Sound, April Music, and others, and I appreciate what a well-designed model can bring to a system. And it happens that the ST-10 is the best digital power amplifier I’ve heard to date...

...Within their product categories the DAC-10H DAC/preamp and ST-10 basic power amplifier are priced at the lower mid-level, yet they both deliver a level of performance that could be considered exemplary regardless of their cost... ", - Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

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The Absolute Sound
"Within their product categories the DAC-10H DAC/preamp and ST-10 basic power amplifier are priced at the lower mid-level, yet they both deliver performance that could be considered exemplary regardless of cost. The DAC-10H has the capabilities, sound, and

feature set that should keep it current for years, while the ST-10 offers sonic quality that, unless you absolutely must have more power output, will make “upgrading” to anything but a far pricier amp more of a sideways proposition than an upward one. ", - Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

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NuPrime uDSD Reviews

NuPrime uDSD Review

"...Reference, appearance, compactness, design, all in the portable DAC with headphone amplifier NuPrime uDSD recalls the DAC previously marketed under the NuForce brand. But if the name has changed, the force becoming excellence, performance followed the same path as the uDSD is capable of playing digital audio files up to 24-bit PCM 384 kHz and DSD files to 2.8, 5 6 and 11.2 MHz…

...very nice sound space and airy restitution, full of life and details…this first DAC stamped NuPrime uDSD is able to decode all types of digital audio file that can be encountered today, even if some of them are very homeopathic way, and this with results sometimes sound a bit bright, but really really good…”, PHILIPPE DAUSSIN, editor/qobuz (France)

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"...Performance as Headphone amp

vs uDAC-3

- can immediately tell the uDSD is stronger and a cleaner through the whole range

- it's not a matter of energy or detail, just a sense of a haze that is lifted

vs HDP

- almost on par with the HDP headphone out on technical ability

- HDP has more power overall, better subbass presence because of that

- with the Wyrd I would say uDSD has slightly better detail across the board

…It's a really fantastic multi-tool. It was great when auditioning new gear and I didn't want to install drivers. Took it to a local and just fed the Moon Neo 430HA from the coax. I had an Oppo HA-1 on loan and I fed it coax and RCA simultaneously so I could evaluate and switch inputs directly...", - Armaegis

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