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The Sonic Unity Journal provides informative and entertaining articles featuring recording artists, music, equipment, opinions, live concerts, design and audio equipment coverage. Our regular contributors are audiophiles, music lovers and musicians. We write about our personal experience with the audio equipment we enjoy every day and share our thoughts on getting the best possible sound.

My Audio Odyssey: Bill's NuForce Reference 20 System

"It took me decades of trial and error, thousands upon thousands of dollars and countless hours of research to realize that above and beyond everything else, when it came to building the optimal audio system, I need to trust my own ears. " Read More

The NuPrime IDA-16: The Next Adventure

"A little story about how the NuPrime Audio IDA-16 became a part of our living room where it plays great music, non-stop, every day for our enjoyment. It offers fantastic sound and the new digital technology is far superior to the sound of the old equipment. It also let's me get right into the music and simply enjoy it." Read More

Jazz In Barbados

“Too many people here think that jazz is an elitist thing, only for the intelligentsia. They’re wrong. It’s exactly the opposite. Those people don’t know where jazz came from.” Among many other places, it came from Senegal and Barbados and Panamá and Detroit.  Read More

A Beginners Guide to Excellent Sound Quality

"A good audio system is not necessarily a large audio system. If you shop wisely, you need not spend a fortune to achieve a high level of audio performance. Often, more expensive products will sound different but they may not necessarily sound better or more realistic." Read More