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The NuPrime Evo One Review & First Listening Session

When Evolution is Really Revolution

Computer Server: Roon Nucleus +
DAC/Preamplifier: Mytek Manhattan II DAC with network card installed
Amplifiers: NuPrime Evo One mono blocks
Speakers: Tannoy Churchill
Acoustic Treatments: Chris Huston Design

Software: Roon

I’ve long been a fan and owner of the fabulous NuPrime’s Reference 20 amplifiers. I’ve regarded them as the king of audio amplifiers, and an outright bargain to boot.

Three years ago I purchased the NuForce Reference 20 which became the NuPrime Reference 20 two years ago. I wrote a three-part blog on my system at that time which can be found here: My Audio Odyssey - Presenting The NuForce Reference 20 Mono-Block Amplifier

From my earlier review in 2015:

It is without doubt the most musical, detailed and impactful amplifier I have ever listened to. Its performance is absolutely statement level. Its control over the Tannoy woofer is astounding and I’ve yet to hear a better combination of speaker and amplifier. I’ve listened to countless amps these last 20 years and this one is simply the crème de la crème of amplifiers. “

I must admit that I was sceptical at first, that NuPrime’s Evo One could make any significant leap in performance over the 20s. However, the folks at NuPrime have already discontinued the Reference 20.  Respect for NuPrime’s owner and engineers, my inquisitive nature, love of this hobby, an understanding spouse, and the perfect alignment of celestial bodies all worked out for another audio purchase and an assessment followed. That’s why I love my spouse and this hobby!

I invited several audiophiles to join me as a listening panel in assessing the new kid on the block. Each of these music lovers has heard my room and system for years, and been involved in many blind listening tests. While we listened for two and a half hours to the Evo One, a consensus quickly emerged:

“It's wonderful to hear such improvement in what is an already reference quality system.  In fact I’ve never heard this level of musical performance and refinement in any system. The Evo One mono block amplifiers are a true statement product."

- Richard Hopkins

“I was totally surprised at the level of musicality and reality that the Evo Ones demonstrated. I always regarded the Refernce 20s as a statement product. They were completely surpassed by the Evo’s in the first 10 seconds of a tract from “Jazz in the Key of Blue.” Never heard a flugelhorn with such body, articulation and transient speed. The Evo’s gave the finest rendition of the Bach Cello Suites I have ever heard. Seemingly, the Evo One’s combine the palpability and presence of the best tube amps with the speed and articulation of the best solid state amps.” What an achievement!” 

- Terry Patrick

“Whether it is instrumental or vocal timbre, soundstaging, imaging, transient attack, fine musical detail and nuance, recording space ambiance, decays or noise floor – The Evo One is better than the Reference 20 in every respect. In fact, I’ve never heard any amp match the performance of the Evo One. There is simply more there, there, and one discovers a whole new appreciation of music and its inherent beauty.”

Mike Rowe

"Normally, when I listen to a new amplifier, I can find something to criticize however, with the Evo One amplifiers I can't find a single thing to comment on. They have this uncanny ability to recreate live music that other amplifiers - even amplifiers that are significantly more expensive than the Evo One, just can't achieve. It's like everything I've experienced in the last thirty-seven years as an audiophile was flawed somehow and now that I've heard the new Evo One I can't listen to anything else without noticing it's inherent flaws. With the Evo One amplifiers, I get the sense that I'm hearing the live event for the very first time. The level of realism is extraordinary."

- Richard Hopkins

“For me the Evo’s ability to dive about a half octave lower, and to present instruments and voices with so much more body and finely nuanced detail was a revelation. Music is rendered harmonically complete and simply more palpable and real. Combine this palpability with the speed and articulation of the best solid state amps and you have a true statement product. How and why, I don’t know – I’ll leave that for the pros to explain.”

Mark Laframboise

“I’ve never heard an amp make this big a difference. That it is priced virtually the same as the previous statement product, makes it dollar for dollar the best amplifier on the planet. For me, this amp presents more than an evolutionary improvement – It’s a revolution. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.”

Bill Krause

“Finally. After a decade of using Class D amplifiers and most recently the NuPrime Reference 20 mono blocks, I can say with utter conviction, that the NuPrime Evo One amplifiers are the very best amplifiers that I have ever heard."

- Mike Rowe

Over the next few days and weeks, I'll continue to enjoy listening to these absolutely superb statement amplifiers from NuPrime and I will report back in greater detail. They are quite simply the very best amplifiers I have ever heard, anywhere, at any price. The level of realism these amplifiers provide redefines the stereo listening experience. Together with my listening panel of five seasoned audiophiles, they have earned our highest respect and we can recommend them without reservation.

- Bill Krause

For more information on the NuPrime Evo One or to ask Bill or any of us any questions about our experience with the Evo One mono-block amplifiers please contact us.

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