Celsus Sound SP One (passive)

Celsus Sound

The Celsus Sound SP One Speaker

A carbon fiber mid/bass driver combined with a silk-dome tweeter and an advanced crossover make the Celsus Sound SP One speaker the best sounding bookshelf below $2,000. Available in either active or passive versions, the SP One offers outstanding sound quality, flat frequency response and excellent design in an affordable compact package.

Size notwithstanding, the Celsus SP-One speaker can fill a room with audiophile-quality sound. The SP-One’s expansive soundstage, commanding bass and overall musicality puts it at the forefront of “bookshelf” speakers. 

For more personal applications, the SP-One’s excellent nearfield characteristics, especially at low volume settings, makes it the perfect desktop companion. The SP One's enclosure is made of a dense, premium-quality, naturally finished bamboo. The carbon-fibre woofer, featuring an aluminum waveguide, nicely complements the cabinet's sophisticated styling.

"Spacious sound stage, commanding bass, exemplary coherence and musicality"


  • Enclosure is made of a dense, premium-quality, naturally finished bamboo
  • Carbon Fiber Woofer with wave reflection structure and custom-designed magnet together produces 55Hz deep bass and the most coherent sound.
  • Soft dome, horn-loaded tweeter for a wide dispersion of highs
  • A single custom capacitor replaces complex crossover for a more detailed and vivid sound.
  • Double cavity cabinet design allows for deep bass and powerful dynamics.
  • Optimized active speaker design
Please note that the price is for a pair of speakers.


     Frequency Response: 55Hz to 22kHz
    Impedance: 6 Ohms
    Power Rating: 60W
    Sensitivity: 88db
    Inputs: Bluetooth & Line In
    Power Supply: AC adapter (DC19.5V, 3.16A)
    USB Port 5V DC charging Port for external accessory
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 195mm X 130mm X 180mm
    Weight: 2.3Kg


    Please note that B-Stock speakers have slight imperfections in the finish on the bottom of the speaker and are otherwise in perfect condition. You will not see these blemishes while using the product.


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