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NuPrime Omnia SW-8

The Omnia SW-8 is a high-end 8-port gigabit Ethernet Network Switch that improves the network performance by reducing signal noise. Errors in the network cause data packets to be resent and degrade network performance. By reducing circuit and power supply noise, and using a customized TCXO clock, Omnia SW-8 delivers accurate network signal that ensures stable music data transmission. The sound quality of a high-end audio system with a connected ethernet cable is also slightly improved when we reduce ethernet signal noise.

NuPrime licenses Omnia SW-8 from Thunder Data Co. Ltd., maker of Bonn N8. Omnia SW-8 differs from Bonn N8 with an upgraded low noise power supply and aluminum chassis. 


  • Eight AUDIO GRADE 100 / 1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet Ports

  • Superior main clock accuracy

  • Customized Silent Angel Noise Absorber (SANA)

  • Two noise isolator for main power circuit

  • Two noise isolator for clock generator circuit

  • Medical Grade power adaptor

Precise Control Of Clock Signal

TCXO (Temperature Compensation crystal Oscillator)

The heart of Omnia SW-8 is a customized TCXO with an extreme accuracy of 0.1ppm, much higher than a standard TCXO. The result is a more accurate network signal and stable music data transmission.

Main Circuit Board

  • Two electrical noise isolation circuits, with noise rejection rate 17dB, for power circuit.
  • Two electrical noise isolation circuits, with noise rejection rate 20dB, for clock generation circuit.
  • This noise isolation circuit ensures Omnia SW-8 to generate stable network signals.

High Permeability EMI Absorber

The Omnia SW-8 utilizes EMI absorber at the inner side of the bottom case to further reduce circuit noise.

Result In Jitter Improvement

The quality of network signal from Omnia SW-8 is 90% better than that of a general switch in jitter measurements.

Regular Home Switches jitter is as high as 705 ps.

Omnia SW-8 jitter is much lower (369 ps)

Recommended Setup

For best performance, connect Omnia SW-8 to the router and all network audio components to Omnia SW-8.

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